Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Some of the things that made me to undo post blog:

Often times I undo my intention for this blog post. That's why I'm posting in a month not more than 5. And below are some reasons why I was undo to blog posts :

1. No internet connection

The main reason is there is no pulse to the internet. other than that two important components for the blog post is a modem and a laptop / computer use more often my brother, because he love about the computer program.

2. There is a no good camera

I'm a little bit of a perfectionist about the pictures which I will post. so when there is no good camera to take pictures, I really would undo my intention to post on the blog. but sometimes I let the picture with no good results still keep me post on this blog

3. Low cost

What should I do if my financial condition of thinning I cannot do anything, XD LOL
4. No time

I was too busy with watching the Korean drama series on television, sleep, sms with my boyfriend, and gives private lessons. so mostly I'm post a blog in the middle of the night or the night

5. Lazy 
Reasons that are too general

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