Minggu, 28 November 2010

2NE1- It Hurts Hair Style

2NE1 really amaze me in every  music video. In the newest music video "It Hurts" they make a very interesting thing. their hair style is very unique. Dara as the main character in the music video looks like the story of "Rapunzel". CL, Bom, and Minzy also appeared with hair styles that are not less interesting. CL with a hair bun so big. Bom at this music video to change his hair style again and seems to fit the musical style of this video that looks gothic. I think Minzy it looks very cute with him hair.






Jumat, 19 November 2010

makeup and body care

For 2 days I bought some makeup n body care that I need because of the previous low. In fact the main purpose was to accompany my mom to shopping to buy clothes. But because I remember that some of my makeup n body care of the previous low so I buy it.

 garnier light overnight (whitening peeling cream)
garnier light (whiten and protect moisturizing cream)


I have made a previous post about Garnier. I bought this because my previous cream has run out. When I bought this cream and the clear smooth powder I get a cute little bag from Garnier. To get this cute bag I just need to leave the bill purchase

maybelline clear smooth (shine free face powder)

I bought it new this time, before I use the powder from Garnier. I bought it in order to look good when I use the clear smooth foundation.

sanex natur protect (natural deodorant with anti perspirant)

Only this time I buy this product. Before I use Rexona Deo lotion. I could not miss to buy deodorant because if it runs out I will not be confident when going out.

citra lasting white (hand and body lotion)

I use this hand and body lotion every day. Initially I used it only for my leg skin color match. But finally I use it every day on my body. It smells soft and I liked it. This contains "bengkoang". Bengkoang is one of the fruits found in Indonesia, the fruit is believed to whiten the skin.

oriflame wonder lash mascara 

I buy Oriflame products anymore. I bought mascara  because my  previously mascara discharged. I bought this mascara when  discount. Lol, I think all the girls will happy when heard there is a discount. This mascara can make lashes look longer, unfortunately this is not waterproof mascara. unique brush. I guess I did not buy it loss. 

Jumat, 05 November 2010

2NE1 makeup Can't Nobody MV

look!! how amazing makeup n style 2NE1 in Cannot Nobody MV
(click the picture for enlarge)





This morning I did the makeup when my time to spare and when I'm alone at home. Maybe not as good as other makeup blog and it's just a fad just to fill my time when I was alone at home. I have no real concept when doing this makeup but yes this is the result.

i use:
oriflame urban shield foundation (natural ivory)
pixy two way cake (oriental yellow)
sophie martin koshize eyebrow (brown)
sophie martin kluge sheer colour cream 3 in 1
vison soul mates eyeshadow (mickey n minnie)
kai eyeliner 
vision lipstick disco fever (cosmopolitan red)
sariayu martha tilaar (reog 02)

Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

HAUL Oriflame Again..

A few days ago I bought a product oriflame again. There are 3 products that I buy :
Visions soul mates eye shadow mickey & minnnie 
Oriflame beauty and power shine I bought 2 colors: pink bloom & Seashell nude.

This eyeshadow is very easy to carry anywhere because it is small. Black pigment produced is less dark and tend to be gray but the result is good enough to be used. The price was likely cheaper for an eyeshadow.


 This lipstick is very shiny as the name suggests the power shine, color is nice but a bit pale if it is applied. Cute packaging with flowers emblem. Small shape like eyeshadow on top of lipstick is easy to carry anywhere.

(sorry for bad picture)

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

I was very tired

This week I was very tired. I just finished my work related to the thesis. This is really draining my energy, lack of sleep, every day should go to college, a lot of activity and less rest. Every day I have to feel sleepy sometimes makes me dizzy. Moreover there is the task of research should I finish. I hope this will be quickly completed.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Haul!! Oriflame and Vision

I recently bought some Oriflame products. I bought a white tip pencil , urban shield foundation and vision disco fever lipstick. limited edition.

White Tip Pencil 

 This is a pencil to whiten nails. easily be applied and the results are also good. pencil weakness this is easily lost if exposed to water.

Urban Shield Foundation

 I love this foundation because it is not too dry quickly, so I do not need to rush to flatten down my face. I live in Indonesia where the air temperature is hot here, so the foundation during the day is a little faded.

Vision Disco Fever Lipstick Limited Edition

This lipstick packaging really caught my attention. but the color on my lips was not match, so when I wear it I add a lip gloss. but lipstick is durable enough to use from morning to evening.

Senin, 27 September 2010

EOTD-CL (2NE1) Eye Make Up-Go Away MV

I tried a CL 2NE1 eye makeup at Go Away MV. And look at the results :

I only use foundation, powder, and eye liner for this eye make up. Rather difficult to establish the appropriate line with the CL eye make-up but finally I could.

Senin, 06 September 2010

2 in 1 (long skirt n pretty dress)

I found this in the factory outlet, when I accompanied my boyfriend to buy clothes. Then I went around choosing the right outfit for my boyfriend. When he finished buying what he wanted, I began looking at women's clothes. Initially I only saw in one room because the room was the clothes on the shelf're good.

Cause it has not found that really interests me I finally went to another room and my eyes were drawn to an item that is a pretty long skirt. I like the colors and motives. looks beautiful with many flowers.
I did not immediately buy it because at that moment I did not bring enough money. I just bought it the next day with my mom.

I tried it at home, and I realized that the skirt can be worn as a dress. Then i match it with my black blazer.

what do you think this looks good?