Minggu, 31 Oktober 2010

HAUL Oriflame Again..

A few days ago I bought a product oriflame again. There are 3 products that I buy :
Visions soul mates eye shadow mickey & minnnie 
Oriflame beauty and power shine I bought 2 colors: pink bloom & Seashell nude.

This eyeshadow is very easy to carry anywhere because it is small. Black pigment produced is less dark and tend to be gray but the result is good enough to be used. The price was likely cheaper for an eyeshadow.


 This lipstick is very shiny as the name suggests the power shine, color is nice but a bit pale if it is applied. Cute packaging with flowers emblem. Small shape like eyeshadow on top of lipstick is easy to carry anywhere.

(sorry for bad picture)

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

I was very tired

This week I was very tired. I just finished my work related to the thesis. This is really draining my energy, lack of sleep, every day should go to college, a lot of activity and less rest. Every day I have to feel sleepy sometimes makes me dizzy. Moreover there is the task of research should I finish. I hope this will be quickly completed.

Selasa, 05 Oktober 2010

Haul!! Oriflame and Vision

I recently bought some Oriflame products. I bought a white tip pencil , urban shield foundation and vision disco fever lipstick. limited edition.

White Tip Pencil 

 This is a pencil to whiten nails. easily be applied and the results are also good. pencil weakness this is easily lost if exposed to water.

Urban Shield Foundation

 I love this foundation because it is not too dry quickly, so I do not need to rush to flatten down my face. I live in Indonesia where the air temperature is hot here, so the foundation during the day is a little faded.

Vision Disco Fever Lipstick Limited Edition

This lipstick packaging really caught my attention. but the color on my lips was not match, so when I wear it I add a lip gloss. but lipstick is durable enough to use from morning to evening.