Jumat, 19 November 2010

makeup and body care

For 2 days I bought some makeup n body care that I need because of the previous low. In fact the main purpose was to accompany my mom to shopping to buy clothes. But because I remember that some of my makeup n body care of the previous low so I buy it.

 garnier light overnight (whitening peeling cream)
garnier light (whiten and protect moisturizing cream)


I have made a previous post about Garnier. I bought this because my previous cream has run out. When I bought this cream and the clear smooth powder I get a cute little bag from Garnier. To get this cute bag I just need to leave the bill purchase

maybelline clear smooth (shine free face powder)

I bought it new this time, before I use the powder from Garnier. I bought it in order to look good when I use the clear smooth foundation.

sanex natur protect (natural deodorant with anti perspirant)

Only this time I buy this product. Before I use Rexona Deo lotion. I could not miss to buy deodorant because if it runs out I will not be confident when going out.

citra lasting white (hand and body lotion)

I use this hand and body lotion every day. Initially I used it only for my leg skin color match. But finally I use it every day on my body. It smells soft and I liked it. This contains "bengkoang". Bengkoang is one of the fruits found in Indonesia, the fruit is believed to whiten the skin.

oriflame wonder lash mascara 

I buy Oriflame products anymore. I bought mascara  because my  previously mascara discharged. I bought this mascara when  discount. Lol, I think all the girls will happy when heard there is a discount. This mascara can make lashes look longer, unfortunately this is not waterproof mascara. unique brush. I guess I did not buy it loss. 

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