Rabu, 28 Maret 2012

Veryme Funky Eye Pencil


I had long wanted to post on this blog but never had time. Now I can finally post. This time I will discuss about the Oriflame product recently bought new. Veryme Funky Eye Pencil

The first time I was very interested when saw this eyeliner in the catalog. I even wanted to buy 2 colors, but since I do not know his form finally I decided to order one color is blue. And I feel like right cause when this eyeliner arrived it made ​me ​quite disappointed with that very small size. Luckily I bought it with promo price so slightly cheaper than the original price.

 Color results are pretty good but not perfect. I've tried it once and have not used it for a long time so do not know whether last a long time in use. This is because usually I just like to get out by using lighter colors. usually for the weight of the color I  just use a bit of smokey color.

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