Jumat, 13 Agustus 2010

Girl's Generation

Girl's Generation is a group of female singers who came from South Korea. Girls Generation has another name that is SNSD. SNSD name its comes from the abbreviation name of this group in the Korean language is So Nyeo Shi Dae. This group consists of nine members:
  1. Yoona (May 30,1990)
  2. Tiffany (August 1,1989)
  3. Yuri (December 5,1989)
  4. Hyoyeon (September 22,1989)
  5. Sooyoung (February 10,1990)
  6. Seohyun (June 28,1991)
  7. Taeyeon (March 9,1989)
  8. Jessica (April 18,1989)
  9. dan Sunny (May 15,1989)
 This group was first introduced on July 16, 2007. Before was introduced to public this group have been trained in advance for one year as a professional singer and dancer.Official website of Girls Generation:


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