Kamis, 18 Agustus 2011

Foundation and Eye Makeup

This time I discuss a bit about the makeup that I bought. eye makeup and foundation. I bought a foundation that remains the product of oriflame and for eye makeup that I bought is the product of Sariayu.


I actually bought this duo eye makeup cause my eye liner had run out. and I want to know whether the product of this Sariayu good or not. yes Sariayu is the brand of Indonesia that has been known since long in our country. it seems since I was a child of this brand already exists. as a child I loved to mess up the makeup of my mother, lol. I think the concept is very nice eye makeup that is combining the two into one, because usually the mascara and eyeliner on a separate packaging. mascara of this product not too special because not strengthen or extending the lashes.


This foundation is really surprised me, with a cheaper price than other oriflame foundation from which I've previously discussed, this foundation gives a much better result. This is because the foundation can cover blemishes very well. In addition to the condition that the hot air in Indonesia is very helpful foundation to cover of the oily face. I think i can buy it again. I chose natural ivory color cause I think this color matches the color of my skin, not too dark or bright.

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